Single Project License


Affordable price to perform a deep evaluation of your project 

Our single project licensing program allows entrepreneurs and investors to get most of the power of Planeamatic for a limited time. 

You can build your model and run it for a limited number of scenarios to do a professional analysis of the project.

Planeamatic allows you to use it for 45 days or 45 scenarios; more than enough to decide about your project's viability and perform an astonishing presentation to your potential investors.

You get 3-way Financial Statements, KPI's table, automatic charting, and limited comparative scenarios generation capabilities.

Note. After the licensing period, your model is still accessible but it becomes static: no more scenarios are allowed. Just another Excel file.

Single Project License

149 €

*Professional and Premium functions  are limited.

Professional License

The most powerful weapon for the CFO, the Consultant, the financial analyst, the Investor or the advanced Accountant

All the power offered by Planeamatic for the Pro!

Perform advanced project analysis with this State of the Art Tool to serve your clients as an entrepreneur, a consultant or a Freelancer.

This license provides the use of our tool for one year (including Premium functions) for one user only. After the licensing period, you can upgrade to the unlimited license, paying only the price difference between them.

1-year Professional License

999 €

License for One User only.
*Premium functions are limited.

Launching offer.

1st year for only:

499 €

Corporate License

Ideal for consulting companies, constructors, project developers, franchises, universities, business schools, and other educational institutions

The perfect choice for all those companies requiring continuous project development, both internal and for external customers: the license is extended to be used by your Customers, Gov agencies or students, to expand the analysis of the models created by your firm (your license id, logo and Company Name are fixed).

Educational institutions provide their students with the most advanced tool to improve their knowledge and understanding of intricated business models, financial structures, accounting relationships, etc. 

1-year Corporate License

9.900 €

Unlimited number of Users

(same office).

3-year Corporate License

19.900 €

Unlimited number of Users

(same office).


Consulting Services

We build financial models for the most diverse industries worldwide

Every year, Planeamatic solves complex analytical requirements for his customers building advanced, flexible and user-friendly financial models.

From toll road projects in Mexico to cableways in Spain, to cellular phone concessions for Canadian companies, to Fintechs in the USA, to potable water municipal services in Latin America, to leasing companies, to bottling companies in the USA and for many educational institutions, Planeamatic has demonstrated his incredible capabilities.

We can build the most advanced, responsive, dependable and powerful financial model to fulfill all your requirements at highly competitive prices.

Our fees include limited-time licensing, full model development and delivery to your complete satisfaction: guaranteed. No payment until completion! 

Base price for Financial Modeling

299 €

Includes temporary Licensing.
Additional charges may apply according to Model complexity.

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