Advanced financial models in MS-Excel without formulas

A simple and friendly table receives all the required information; from scope and sensitivity to financing and dividend withdrawal criteria.

A Solar Energy project

A financial model to analyze the viability and profitability to build and operate a Solar Energy plant with a nominal capacity of 10 Gwh / year.

We will see how the model is built easily and will evaluate the impact on the project when we change three of the key parameters:

 -  the project scope

 -  the tariff

 -  the installed capacity

We will determine the IRR for diverse scenarios, establishing ranges for each one of those variables.

The whole model will be built with only 23 instructions, used to set:

  -  the plant capacity

  -  the CAPEX program

  -  the Revenue, Cost and SGA structure

  -  the Financing: Equity and Debt

Watch this amazing video. It's only a 3-minute play!

Building a Solar Energy Plant Financial Model

Watch our tutorials to learn how to load the Data: It is very simple!

A new Coffee & Donut spot

Let's build a financial model for this simple project, with a 5-year scope and quarterly sensitivity.

We will sell Coffee, Donuts, and magazines. The profit margin will be 72% on coffee and 55% on donuts. We will assume an additional semiannual net revenue of 1,500 from magazines. We expect to grow from 7,500 to 12,000 cups of coffee sold every quarter and hope we can sell 1 donut for each 4 coffees.

Mktg cost will be 5% from gross revenues and OPEX will be 6,500 quarterly. Insurance and SGA will be 900 semiannual.

CAPEX will be as follows: remodeling the spot will cost 40,000, depreciated in ten years, straight line, while equipment will be 25,000, depreciated acceleratedly in three years.

Financing: Equity to cover 50% of remodeling costs. The rest will be covered with a 45,000 Loan at 9%, to be paid in 4 years (2 quarters of grace periods on principal).

The model will be built in minutes, including advanced analysis of coffee pricing. Watch this video:

Building a Coffe & Donuts spot Financial Model

Watch our tutorials to learn how to load the Data: It is very simple!

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