Tailor-made financial models for entrepreneurs 

In Planeamatic we support entrepreneurship. We know they are tenacious fighters, not financial modelers. They deserve our help

Fill this application and we will send you a professional financial model in less than 24 hrs including:

  • Income Statement

  • Balance sheet

  • Cash Flow statement

  • KPI's table (TIR, EVA, DSCR, D/E, etc.)

  • Dashboard with charts

  • A comparative scenarios table, analyzing the most critical variable in your project

Real, simple, affordable, confidential, fantastic!

Data Template

Please download, fill and send us the template with the required data to build your model:

  1. Basic configuration

  2. Projection basis

  3. Revenue streams

  4. Direct Costs

  5. Expenses (SGA & Mktg)

  6. CAPEX (req'd investments' program)

  7. Financing

To get best results, please be verbose if you think some clarification is required to fully understand your project.

IMPORTANT. Please, do not provide confidential data (your brand, your idea and/or the actual description of your products or services). We don't want your project to be stolen.

We just want to help you

Email us your template

Once you fill your template, please rename it with the name of your email prefix (if your email is joe@mail.com, make it joe.xlsx).

We will analyze your data, load planeamatic, run some base scenarios and deliver results to you in less than 24 hrs. You will have in your hands a fully functional license to create as many scenarios as you could require to fully understand your project's potential results.

Email it as an attachment:



Download, fill and send it to us.

Add explanatory notes if necessary.

Fill only blue-ink cells.

Why do we support entrepreneurs?

There are many reasons:

  • We believe in entrepreneurship

  • Someone helped us before

  • By experience, we know how hard is to build an investment project

  • We know how complicated may be a financial model for non-experts

  • We know that a good presentation deserves more attention from potential investors

  • We know that a financial model helps to identify bad projects in the early stages, before going too far away

  • We learn from entrepreneurs; about how they conceive their projects and business opportunities

Is there any hidden cost or obligation?

NO. We only charge a nominal fee (applicable to entrepreneurs only).

See our single-project license program; an affordable option for non-financiers.

If you search for professional support on the development and analysis of your project, we can provide this service. Check our consulting rates.

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